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25/11/2014 Symplectic Elements update 

The Symplectic Elements software is now updated to the latest version 4.11.

Symplectic Elements is now on a new server with a new URL:

For the foreseeable future UIS will redirect any traffic from to the new one.


24/01/2014 Symplectic update

Symplectic now has been upgraded from v4.4 to v4.7. Most importantly, a new Open Access datasource has been added (Europe PubMed Central, which also provides an additional source of citations. Symplectic will fill automatically any data to your accounts. Please bear in mind that due to the amount of data this might last a few days.

In addition, we now have the teaching module (based on the CASRAI definition, If individuals, groups or Departments are interested in using it or want to know more about it please contact the system administrator.


'How to...' and other help guides

The latest version of Symplectic allows merging of duplicates from the same source. A 'How to...' guide (pdf) is downloadable from the virtual Symplectic room, that will host more guides in the future. You can login as a guest here:


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